CDM Mugs really are worth drinking from!

Recently, CDM acquired the services of Land of Ooh to produce some unique promotional mugs that would be quirky and something a little bit different. The Land of Ooh is a company that with the help of his PA’s, Family and Friends has been set up by James who has Autism to ensure him a better and brighter future.

Admiringly, James has worked really hard by designing his own images and has turned this into something amazing, creating these fantastic mugs. The Land of Ooh have provided us with customer service that has been second to none, from placing the order right the way through to the finished product.

James even delivered our mugs in person along with other students from ‘Select’ Sunderland.

IMG_5125 4IMG_5122 4

We swear these mugs make our coffee taste better!!

IMG_4993 6 IMG 1