CDM Employee Spotlight

Name: Brodie Dodds

Title: Branch Administrator (Cramlington)

Brodie Dodds

How long have you worked for CDM?   2 years

Tell us about a typical working day in your role at CDM:

A typical working day for me would start with checking my emails and formatting any CV’s marked as urgent. Mid-morning I would record all consultant’s stats from the previous day and once they have been done I would scan all candidate interview forms and job specs onto our database.

Early afternoon would involve formatting any CV’s which have been sent over the lunch time period. Following on from that I would carry out Temporary and Permanent audits for all of the consultants based at the Cramlington branch, recording all outstanding admin tasks and requesting the outstanding information from each individual consultant.

I would also ensure that all candidate letters and wine have been sent out following our on boarding process and ensure that all new temporary workers and Clients have received their health and safety letters.

I have one to one’s with each consultant to update my Vacancy Tracker, adding any new live vacancies and removing any that have been filled. Throughout my day I would also answer all incoming calls, transferring them through to the correct person.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I most enjoy completing all of my branch audits. I tell everyone in the office that they are ‘my baby’ as I love getting everything up to date, complete and organised in the office.

Tell us about your proudest moment so far at CDM?

Successfully completing my NVQ Apprenticeship and being offered a permanent contract with CDM, which I accepted! Also being the winner of the Support Staff Award for Q3 2016. I was proud of this as I’ve never won anything before!

Tell us about an embarrassing or funny moment during your time at CDM?

Falling down a flight of stairs whilst on a work night out in Harrogate … very embarrassing!

How would you describe working here to anyone who is considering a career with CDM?

CDM are a very supportive and understanding company to work for in relation to both personal and work-related issues. The whole company has a real family feel to it and you always feel a sense of importance to the rest of the team and to the Directors.

CDM offer good career paths and always support and encourage you to aim high.

What interests do you have outside of work?

I do a lot of crafts for baby showers / christenings / parties outside of work. A side from that I enjoy travelling and going places with my Fiancé and of course going shopping and spending mine and his money!

What was the last album you bought?

Coldplay – Head full of dreams

What is your favourite film?

Rise of the Foot Solider

Name your favourite restaurant:

It’s a toss-up between no.3 Steak house in Warkworth and ORA in Tynemouth

Who’s the most famous person you have met?

I met Jade Thirlwell from Little Mix at the Customs House, South Shields at last year’s Christmas panto.

Describe your perfect weekend.

Coming home from work and having a chilled Friday, getting a takeaway and watching a movie in my PJ’s. Then on Saturday night getting dressed up and going to town for food and drinks with my Fiancé and friends. Then on a Sunday going for a Sunday roast in Warkworth followed by a nice walk in the country side. Always my favourite to do on a Sunday!